3 Best Internet Providers in Salt Lake City, UT

The vibrancy of Salt Lake City means you might not spend too much time indoors, but when you do, make sure you have a quality internet connection by choosing a plan from one of the city’s three best.

#1 Xfinity

With average connection speeds right around 150 Mbps throughout the city, Xfinity has the fastest internet amongst the providers that service the entire city.

Xfinity also offers gigabit speed internet, which means the connection can reach 1000 Mbps.

Not everyone needs this, so don’t think you must get it. But knowing its an option is nice, and it also shows the capability of Xfinity’s network, which will easily deliver you all the speed you need and more.

#2 CenturyLink

CenturyLink provides cable internet to essentially the entire city, but it’s quite a bit slower than the same service offered by Xfinity. Average connection speeds are usually between 30-40 Mbps.

This is fine for most users, but it’s certainly a long way off from being the best in the city.

Some people might be able to access CenturyLink’s fiber optic network, which can deliver gigabit speed, but that’s only available to about 31 percent of residents.

#3 Google Fiber

Were it available to more people in Salt Lake City, Google Fiber would probably be number one on this list. Its lighting fast, and it usually costs less than the competition.

However, it’s only accessible to about 15 percent of the population. When this number grows, and it will in the near future, expect Google Fiber to be much higher up on this list.

If you fall within its service area, you should certainly give it serious consideration.

Overall, you really can’t go dead wrong with any of these options, so save yourself some time when shopping and start your search with the providers we’ve examined and determined to be the best.

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