3 Best Internet Providers in Bronx, New York

Residents of the Bronx have lots of choices when it comes to internet providers. To narrow these choices down, we’ve reviewed the market.

Here’s our list of the best three:

#1 Verizon FIOS

Verizon’s fiber-optic network, FIOS, is the best option for most Bronx residents. It currently serves 88 percent of the region and offers the best combination of speed and price.

The best plan is the FIOS Gigabit connection, which delivers 940 Mbps of speed for $79.99/month, but you can actually bundle this with a Custom TV plan for $10 less (a no-brainer!). There are also 100 Mbps ($39.99) and 300 Mbps ($59.99) plans for those looking to save money.

Verizon’s network is also exceptionally reliable, yet another thing that sets it apart in the Bronx.

#2 Optimum

If you’re not as concerned about have the fastest internet in the world and you also want to bundle, Optimum is going to be the choice for you in the Bronx. Connection speeds range from 100-400 Mbps, and depending on whether or not you get cable too, it will cost you between $44 and $104 per month.

Many bundles also offer home phone service, which just increases the overall value of the service.

At the moment, Optimum services almost the entire Bronx, making it an excellent choice for your home internet provider.

#3 Earthlink

Not interested in a bundle but still want high-speed internet? Earthlink might be the choice for you. However, while this is a great option, it’s not for those who need a speedy connection. Earthlink plans usually top out at about 15 Mbps, which is enough for basic internet use but not much more.

This service is available to the entire Bronx, but you may also be able to get their fiber network, which delivers much faster speeds for more money. But no matter which you choose, Earthlink is a great choice.

As such a big city, it’s no surprise there are so many choices. Start your search with these three and, if needed, keep looking. You’ll soon find something that meets your needs and your budget.

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