3 Best Internet Providers in Chicago, IL

As the third largest city in the United States, Chicago has a lot to offer. For residents, this means having to choose between countless internet providers. To ensure you get the best service at the best price, here is a list of the top three internet providers in the Windy City:

#1 Xfinity

Provided by Comcast, Xfinity is the best internet provider in Chicago based on both price and quality. Xfinity internet speeds top out at 1,000 Mbps, a service that costs you roughly $80/month.

Lower priced packages are available for those who need 1GB of speed. For example, you can get 300 Mbps for just $60 or 100 Mbps for $30 a month.

Plus, Xfinity is available across nearly the entire city, making a viable option for all Chicago residents. Bundle with TV or phone service to get an even better value.

#2 AT&T

Next on the list is AT&T, which offers two different services in Chicago: DSL and Fiber Optic. DSL offers lower speeds (100 Mbps is the max), but you can bundle it with cable TV (packages start at $89.99 per month) or even DirecTV (~$89.99 per month) and really get a great value.

For those who need more juice, AT&T Fiber offers max speeds of 1000 Mbps, which costs around $70 per month and is not part of a bundle. However, at this moment, AT&T Fiber is only available to around one-quarter of Chicago’s population.

#3 Earthlink

The final option on our list is Earthlink, which provides DSL (direct service line – it uses the phone lines) to deliver 100 Mbps to more than 80 percent of the city and 1000 Mbps to about 20 percent of the city.

DSL can provide great speeds for those who don’t want to use a cable company, and is an excellent option for Chicago-based internet shoppers.


Don’t let the many choices available to you overwhelm. Choose one of the providers on this list and know you are dealing with the best.

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