3 Best Internet Providers in Columbus, OH

If you’re living in Columbus and shopping for internet, we’ve reviewed all the different options and come up with the following list of the best three. Check it out.

#1 Spectrum

If you live in Columbus, and you’re looking for a super-fast internet connection at a great price, you may not need to look much further than Spectrum. With connection speeds that reach 300 Mbps and 100 percent coverage throughout the city, there’s a lot to like about Spectrum.

Furthermore, you can pretty easily bundle your Spectrum internet with other services to save even more.

However, if you’re looking for lighting-fist gigabit-speed internet (1000 Mbps), you will be out of luck with Spectrum, but seeing as no one in Columbus offers this, we can’t really knock them for it.

Overall, you really can’t go wrong with Spectrum internet if you call Columbus home.

#2 AT&T

AT&T’s service should really consider 1A on this list since it offers essentially the same service. Average speeds tend to be a bit slower – more like 100 Mbps – but this is still plenty to meet the needs of the vast majority of users.

Coverage in Columbus is also excellent, so almost all of you will be able to choose between AT&T and Spectrum, which are two good options to have.

Bundling is also an option with AT&T, and around 10 percent of you will be able to access AT&T Fiber, which offers gigabit speed. When coverage with this service grows, expect AT&T to top our list.

#3 Earthlink

If you’re looking for something a bit more basic that will save you some money, a DSL connection from Earthlink is a great option.

Most connections don’t go above 20-30 Mbps, but you can get speeds up to 100 Mbps in some areas. For average users, this is fine, and considering these plans cost less than $30/month, they could be really viable options for many.

Columbus residents are fortunate to have so many options to choose from, and any of the three on this list are sure to meet and possibly even exceed your internet needs.

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