3 Best Internet Providers in Cleveland, OH

For those living in Cleveland, shopping for internet can be stressful due to the many choices you have. We’ve simplified things for you by reviewing all the different options and creating a list of the best three.

#1 Spectrum

If you live in Spectrum’s service area, which is about 85 percent of the city, then you should really consider using it as your internet provider.

Offering cable internet with speeds that reach up to 1000 Mbps, Spectrum definitely has the fastest internet in the city.

You will also have the chance to bundle your internet with phone or TV service, a move that will help you save even more money on your monthly bills.

#2 AT&T

AT&T has wider coverage in Cleveland than Spectrum, but average and top speeds are both slower; most users can expect around 100 Mbps.

This is nothing to scoff at and will likely be more than enough for most people, but we’d like to see the option for a faster connection.

Around 10 percent of Cleveland does have this option as they fall into the service area of AT&T Fiber. But until this is available until to more people, AT&T will remain second on this list.

#3 COX

A newcomer to the Cleveland internet scene, COX is a very viable option for the people who have access to it, which at this point is only about 16 percent of Cleveland.

Connection speeds reach to 300 Mbps, and there are also lots of options to bundle your internet with other services.

As a result, when you’re checking options in your area, if you see COX listed, definitely consider giving it a try.

Overall, Cleveland residents have lots of options when shopping for internet providers. We recommend you start your search with one of these three so that you can be sure you’re working with one of the best in the area.

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