3 Best Internet Providers in St. Louis, MO

There are so many internet providers in St. Louis that it’s hard to count. We’ve reviewed them all and narrowed your choices down to three. Take a look:

#1 Spectrum

With Spectrum, not only can you get a quality internet connection – one that in some places will reach 400 Mbps – but you also have a lot of choices. Spectrum offers a wide range of plans that allow you to find the right internet deal for you.

This might mean going for something a bit more suited to your needs for less money, or it could include bundling with TV or phone service to take advantage of additional savings.

However, no matter which plan you choose, you likely won’t be disappointed. And Spectrum is available to practically all St. Louis residents, sealing its case as the best internet provider in MO.

#2 AT&T

As a core service, AT&T offers very similar plans as Spectrum, although its more basic DSL internet can usually only get you 100 Mbps. But this is still respectable and should be considered.

In some areas of the city, you may be able to access AT&T Fiber, which delivers speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. Yet this is currently only available to about half the city.

But no matter which plan you choose, you will also have access to attractive bundles that will help you save money.

#3 Earthlink

This is the company to go with if you want a basic internet package at an affordable price. Standard plans deliver just 15 Mbps, which isn’t much but still plenty for email, basic browsing, and light streaming, for just $25/month.

For some St. Louis residents, you can access HyperLink, Earthlink’s gigabit (1000 Mbps) network, but coverage is limited.

Since Earthlink only does internet, there are no bundles, making this a great option for those who have no interest in TV or phone service.

Overall, there are several companies worthy of your attention when shopping for internet in St. Louis. Start your search here and you’ll surely find what you need.

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