3 Best Internet Providers in Detroit, MI

Famous as the Motor City and Motown, Detroit has a unique character that makes it a special place to call home. We want to make it even more special by pointing you to the three best internet providers, helping you save money and get a better product.

#1 Xfinity

In terms of both connection speed and availability, Xfinity is far and away the top option internet provider in Detroit. Average speeds hover around 150 Mbps, but you also have the choice of upgrading to gigabit (1000 Mbps) speed if you feel you need to.

Another thing that is nice about Xfinity is that you can easily bundle your internet with cable or TV and save on all three.

Essentially the entire city has access to Xfinity, and it should definitely be the first place you look when shopping for internet providers.

#2 AT&T

The only reason we don’t have AT&T higher up on this list is that average connection speeds tend to be a bit slower on this network, usually around 75 Mbps. This is still good, but it’s not what Xfinity offers.

Some residents can access faster connection speeds through AT&T Fiber, but that only reaches about six percent of Detroit.

For some, AT&T might be worth it because of its bundles. But even if this isn’t the case, you will still get a high-quality internet connection that is likely to meet all your needs.

#3 Earthlink

Don’t care about gigabit-speed or even triple-digit speed? Earthlink offers more basic plans that are still reliable and functional but that cost a good bit less.

Speeds average at about 20 Mbps, but this is still enough for email, browsing, and light streaming, and this could be a good option for those most concerned with saving money.

Overall, Motor City residents definitely have lots of good choices when it comes to internet providers. Start your search, and likely end it, with the three options on this list.

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