3 Best Internet Providers in Baltimore, MD

With its close proximity to both DC and Philadelphia, Baltimore is one of the most vibrant cities both on the east coast and in the entire country. This means, among other things, you have lots of choices when it comes time to choose an internet provider. Here are the best three:

#1 Xfinity

Having both the fastest connection speeds and the largest service area, Xfinity was an easy choice for the best internet provider in Baltimore.

Things will, of course, vary depending on your exact location, but Xfinity internet in Baltimore regularly averages around 150 Mbps, which is far more than you will probably ever need.

In the event it’s not, you can also upgrade to gigabit speed (1000 Mbps) which is the fastest connection available on today’s market. As a result, Xfinity has something for everyone and will most likely meet your internet needs.

#2 Verizon FIOS

After Xfinity, things drop off quite a bit in the Baltimore market. Verizon FIOS is the only provider that can compete on speed – max speeds on this network are 1000 Mbps – but it’s only available in about 10 percent of Baltimore homes.

Verizon offers DSL internet to a much wider area, but connection speeds are slow and not worth the money.

As a result, if you can access FIOS, it’s definitely a good option, otherwise, you’ll probably do better with Xfinity.

#3 Earthlink

Although available in a much wider area than FIOS, Earthlink internet is slow. However, the 20 Mbps average it delivers through its DSL network might still be enough for some, and since Earthlink is a good bit cheaper than the competition, this might be worth it.

In truth, Baltimore residents really only have one viable option. Some may have two, and more slective users will have three. But despite this somewhat limited array of options, you should still be able to find what you need from one of the providers on this list.

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