3 Best Internet Providers in Jacksonville, FL

To help simplify your search and make your life easier, here are the three best internet providers in Jacksonville, FL.

#1 Xfinity

In this case, the competition isn’t really all that close. With the fastest speeds and widest coverage area, Xfinity is the premier home internet option in the Jacksonville area.

Users that need tons of network capability and bandwidth can get it with Xfinity’s lighting-fast gigabit internet (1000 Mbps), but there are lots of other options for those don’t need, and don’t want to spend the money on, such a premium service.

In addition, Xfinity will bundle its standard internet plans (150-300 Mbps) with cable and/or home phone service, helping you to maximize your overall savings.

#2 AT&T

Although AT&T rivals Xfinity in terms of coverage area, it doesn’t offer the same amount of options, which is why it has been relegated to second place on this list. However, AT&T internet is nothing to scoff at and will still be a viable option for most people.

Its standard DSL connection offers average speeds of around 190 Mbps, which is plenty of connection speed for both average and above-average users.

There are also tons of bundles available to AT&T customers once you sign up, and AT&T Fiber, which is still not very widespread but growing, gives you access to the ultra-fast speed offered by some competitors.


Connection speeds from Earthlink pale in comparison to those offered by AT&T and Xfinity. However, not everyone needs or wants the type of connection these giants offer, and for those looking for something more modest, with a more modest price tag, Earthlink could be the choice for you.

Basic plans deliver just 15 Mbps, but again, this is enough for the most basic users, and this plan costs just $25/month.

Soon, Jacksonville residents can access HyperLink, Earthlink’s high-speed network that delivers up to 1000 Mbps, but until then, it remains a viable option for the niche market of less active internet users.

Being the largest city in Florida, it’s no wonder there are so many options. Start your search with these three, though, and the search will be much simpler and more effective.

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