3 Best Internet Providers in San Diego, CA

Shopping for internet in San Diego? We reviewed all your options and found the best three.

    1. #1 AT&T

AT&T is the winner in San Diego in terms of both coverage and speed. Nearly the entire city, around 97 percent can access AT&T internet at speeds of up to 100 Mbps, which is more than enough for average home use.

Some people, around 20 percent, can access AT&T Fiber, which delivers speeds of almost 1000 Mbps.

AT&T also offers a wide range of television options, such as U-Verse and DirecTV, making for some attractive bundle options that increase the value of your internet subscription.

#2 COX

Although it offers faster connection speeds and lower prices, COX’s low coverage prevents it from being the top choice in the San Diego area.

That being said, if you do fall into its service area, take a good look at some of the packages it offers. You can get an internet-only plan with 150 Mbps for $59.99/month, or you can bundle it with television and get it for $89.99/month.

Maximum speeds on the COX network are about 300 Mbps, and there are plans that go below 100 Mbps if you’re looking for something more basic that will save you money.

#3 Spectrum

Spectrum offers the fastest internet in the city to the most amount of people. Top speeds reach 940 Mbps, almost qualifying it for gigaspeed. However, it reaches less than half the city with this service.

Spectrum is also a full-service company, meaning you can bundle your internet with TV and even home phone service to get a better value for your monthly subscription.

All in all, coverage restrictions in San Deigo means most residents won’t have much choice when it comes to home internet, but the choice they do have is a good one, and those who can access the competition will have even more chances to find what they need.

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