3 Best Internet Providers in Sacramento, CA

As the capital of California, Sacramento is a hub for both commerce and government. This means lots of choices of internet providers. To make things easier, take a look at our list of the three best:

#1 Xfinity

Xfinity is the fastest and most reliable internet provider in Sacramento. Average connection speeds are around 180 Mbps, which is more than enough than the vast majority of people will ever need. And, if you want more, Xfinity offers gigabit-speed internet, which has a connection speed of up to 1000 Mbps.

In addition, Xfinity will work with you to bundle your internet with other services, which will really help you save money and get more value for what you spend.

#2 AT&T

The service provided by AT&T is really quite similar to Xfinity, but it is number two on this list largely because connection speeds tend to be a bit slower.

They are still adequate – around 120 Mbps – but they aren’t the best of what’s available in the city.

Around 30 percent of you will be able to get AT&T Fiber, which delivers speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, but until this is more widely-available, AT&T will remain second on this list.

But AT&T also has some attractive bundles, such as a combo with DirecTV, that might make it worth it, so definitely check it out.

#3 Earthlink

Although a good bit slower than the other options on this list – average speeds are around 25 Mbps and max speeds are around 100 Mbps – Earthlink delivers a solid and reliable DSL connection at a lower cost, making it a great option for those who really don’t think they need a lighting fast connection and don’t feel like paying for it.

All in all, there are a lot of really good options for internet providers available to Sacramento residents. Start your search with these three and we’re confident you’ll find something that meets your needs and budget.

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