3 Best Internet Providers in Memphis, TN

Living in Memphis can be hectic and exciting, but we want your internet search to be painless and uneventful. So, we reviewed the many providers and came up with this list of the best three:

#1 Xfinity

It’s hard to beat Xfinity as an internet provider because it offers the most coverage and the best connection speeds. Most people will enjoy between 100-200 Mbps, which is way more than you would ever need, but you’ll also have the option to upgrade to gigabit (1000 Mbps) if you need or want to, which is a nice option.

Xfinity also allows you to bundle you internet with other services so that you can reduce your monthly bills and save more.

#2 AT&T

AT&T has great coverage in Memphis, but connection speeds are a good bit slower than the competition; the maximum is around 100 Mbps but most users actually experience around 50 Mbps.

This is still enough for even above-average use, but it’s nothing like what you would get with Xfinity.

What might push you over the edge with AT&T are the bundles. You can get either U-verse TV or DirecTV along with your internet and really increase the value of your package.

#3 Earthlink

This is not the option to go with if speed is your top priority, but if you’re happy with 20-30 Mbps (enough to browse and stream just fine), then Earthlink is a good way to get what you need and also save some money.

Some people can access Hyperlink – Earthlink’s fiber optic network – which can get you close to gigabit speed. But at that point, if your needs are such, you’d be better off going with one of other providers on this list.

Overall, it will be difficult to find a bad internet provider in Memphis, and if you start your search with these three, there’s a great chance you’ll find exactly what you need.

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