3 Best Internet Providers in Philadelphia, PA

Nestled between New York and Washington, DC., Philadelphia has a vibrant culture and thriving economy. This means lots of choices for internet providers. To make your search easier, here are the results from our review of all the options available.

#1 Xfinity

With Xfinity’s parent company, Comcast, calling Philadelphia home, it should come as little surprise that it stands above the competition, although things are a lot closer than they appear.

Xfnity has many different plans to choose from. The best includes 1000 Mbps of speed, and it costs $79.99 per month. But you can get 100 Mbps (more than what most people need) for just $39.99 a month, which is a great deal.

In addition, Xfinity also offers bundles so that you can get cable and/or phone service for not much more money.

Overall, you really can’t go wrong with Xfinity if you’re looking for internet in Philadelphia.

#2 Verizon FIOS

Next on the list is Verizon, which offers its fiber optic internet, FIOS, to 95 percent of Philadelphia. FIOS is lighting fast, although top speeds (940 Mbps) are slightly slower than those offered by Comcast. But at this point, the difference is negligible.

TV bundles that come with 940 Mbps connections start at just $69.99, which is an excellent value, but you can find lesser connections that will still get you all you need (100 Mbps, for example) for just $39.99.

However, FIOS offers fewer options if you are looking for more intricate bundles, but it’s still an excellent option for internet in Philadelphia.

#3 Earthlink

Earthlink reaches about 88 percent of the Philadelphia market and is an excellent alternative to the options mentioned above. If your needs are minimal, you can get a really basic connection for just $15 a month, or you can get top-notch speeds for closer to $100 a month.

However, since all it does is internet, you will not be able to bundle Earthlink internet with any other service. It’s a great deal for those who don’t care about doing this.

When you shop, you’ll come across more choices, but our review process has identified these three as the best of the best in the Philadelphia market.

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