3 Best Internet Providers in Indianapolis, IN

Competition in the Indianapolis internet market is fierce, which means you have lots of choices. To help you, we’ve reviewed the options and created a list of the top three.

#1 AT&T

Servicing 97 percent of the city, AT&T is the most easily-accessed network in all of Indianapolis. However, the service that reaches so many people is AT&T DSL internet, which although adequate, does not meet the standards set in today’s market.

But most customers will still be able to access a 100 Mbps connection, which is plenty to meet the browsing needs of most homes.

In some areas, AT&T Fiber is available, which has a maximum connection speed of around 1000 Mbps.

Also, you can easily bundle your internet with phone or cable TV service to save more momey and increase the value of your plan.

#2 Xfinity

Were it available in more areas, Xfinity likely would have made it to the top of this list. However, it currently services just 60 percent of the market, meaning it is out of reach to a large chunk of the Indianapolis market.

For those who can access it, expect industry-leading speeds; Xfinity offers connections that can reach 1000 Mbps.

But for those who don’t need so much juice, you can get less powerful networks and save a good bit of cash. Bundling is also an option with Xfinity, which we like.

#3 Spectrum

While only available in about 40 percent of the region, those who can access it should consider Spectrum. Network speeds reach up to 300 Mbps, but there are more basic plans available for budget-conscious shoppers.

In addition, Spectrum also has good bundling options to help customers get more out of what they’re paying for internet.

Overall, Indianapolis residents have a lot of good options when it comes to internet providers. These three are the best, so keep them in mind while doing your shopping.

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