3 Best Internet Providers in Atlanta, GA

There are too many internet providers in Atlanta to count. But we’ve narrowed things down to a more manageable number. Here’s our list of the top three.

#1 Xfinity

For Atlanta residents, it’s going to be difficult to turn down the offers Xfinity has for high-speed internet. Not only is it available across 97 percent of the city, but connection speeds are some of the best in the region, as well.

Those who demand a high-speed connection can get connections that reach 1000 Mbps, whereas more casual users can save with slower speeds that are still plenty adequate (100-300 Mbps)

Xfinity is also a good option because you can bundle your internet service with either cable TV or a home phone and save even more.

#2 AT&T

With its roots in Atlanta and the South, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to see AT&T on this list. However, AT&T struggles against the competition because its standard DSL connection is considerably slower than the basic plans being offered by Xfinity.

Most users will only be able to get a 100 Mbps connection, but if you happen to live within the service area of AT&T Fiber (around 40 percent of Atlanta homes), you may be able to take advantage of connection speeds that reach up to 1000 Mbps.

AT&T also has some exciting bundles that will make it easier for you to save, making them a very viable option for internet in Atlanta.

#3 Earthlink

If bundles don’t interest you and you’re not in the market for a high-speed connection, Earthlink might be a good option for you. Connection speeds tend to be slower, but that means monthly fees are usually cheaper.

Don’t get Earthlink expecting it to deliver a lightning-fast connection, but for email, basic browsing, and light streaming, it could be a good choice for those looking to save.

At the moment, though, it’s only available to about half the city.

Unsurprisingly, Atlanta has a lot of options when it comes to internet providers. These three stand apart from the competition and should be the starting points, and hopefully the ending points of your search.

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