3 Best Internet Providers in San Francisco, CA

Being the hub of so much cutting-edge technology, it’s not surprising that San Francisco has so many different internet providers to choose from. To simplify the search, we’ve researched the many options and created a list of the best three:

#1 Xfinity

Xfinity earns the top spot on the list because it provides the fastest service to homes in San Francisco. Speeds for its Performance Plus internet package top out at 1000 Mbps, which is essentially the fastest you can get on the consumer market.

But this costs around $100. If you don’t want to spend that much and don’t need that much speed (most don’t), you can opt for a more standard package that will still get you at least 150 Mbps but that costs clsoser to $70/month.

You can also consider one of Xfinity’s many bundles, which make high-speed internet a better value by combining it with other services.

#2 AT&T

AT&T comes in a close second behind Xfinity, and the only reason it wasn’t chosen first is because it doesn’t offer the same performance possibilities.

Most AT&T customers will have access to speeds of 150-200 Mbps, which is not bad. It’s just not the same as what Xfinity offers.

Some customers, only about 20 percent of San Francisco, can get these top speeds, but if this number were higher, AT&T would be higher on the list.

There are also some great bundles offered by AT&T that will make it even easier for you to save.

#3 Earthlink

Offering a pretty standard DSL connection, Earthlink is a good option for those who have no interest in paying for the performance of the connections offered by the others on this list.

Speeds are significantly lower, but so are costs. So, if you really want to save, definitely give Earthlink some serious consideration when shopping.

Overall, there are many choices of internet providers in San Francisco. We recommend you play it safe by choosing one from this list, but also feel free to do you own research and seek out the best deal.

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