3 Best Internet Providers in Phoenix, AZ

As one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in the country, Phoenix residents have lots of options when it comes time to choosing an internet service provider. Here are the best based on our exhaustive review of the market:

#1 COX

COX comes in as the best because it offers the fastest internet in the region at the best price (940 Mbps for $99 a month) and because it has a wide selection of bundles that allow you to add on additional services and improve the value of your plan.

In addition, COX has many other plans that allow you to save some money if you don’t want the fastest connection out there. For example, a 150 Mbps connection, which is more than enough for most people, costs $59.99.

COX is available to 95 percent of Phoenix homes and also has a 24/7 customer service team standing by to help you, all of which adds up to make it the best internet provider in Phoenix.

#2 Century Link

For those who don’t care about bundling, and who don’t need a lightning-fast connection, Century Link is a good budget option. They offer plans that give you up to 140 Mbps, but there most popular are for 10 and 20 Mbps speeds, which cost $45 and $50, respectively.

Century Link is available in almost the entire city, and it’s a great option for light browsers who are looking to save some money by avoiding the flashy plans being offered by the competition.

#3 Viasat

A satellite internet company, Viasat is available to every home in Phoenix. Connections are a bit slower than with other companies (top plans are for 30 Mbps), but this is a great option if you fall outside the service area of one of the other companies listed. Satellite internet can be accessed from anywhere.

One downside is that you will likely have connection issues during bad weather, but this is Phoenix. When does that happen?!

COX is probably going to be the top choice for most people in Phoenix, but there are other options designed to meet the many needs of this large market.

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